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Return to Work Site: Operational Considerations

Organizations may have only one chance for a successful return of their workforce and operations, however, it is expected there will be many “starts and stops” during this process. View the recording of our Operational Considerations for Reopening a Worksite webinar to understand the following:

Where to start:

  • Creating a task force
  • Evaluating a plan
  • Employee communication
  • Effective implementation
  • Monitoring and adapting

Plan phases:

  • Pre-entry phase: Reduce anxiety
  • Upon re-entry: Inform
  • Re-entry decisions: Educate
  • Monitor and adapt

Social distancing plan:

  • Successful restructuring
  • Facilities and floorplan
  • Staggered workforce

View the Webinar Recording

Our Return to Work Site Toolkit addresses:

  • Legislative and clinical considerations
  • Operational considerations
  • Workplace safety and workforce planning considerations
  • Paid leave and absence management
  • Employee benefit and workforce considerations
  • Retirement plan considerations
  • Business continuity and property/casualty insurance considerations
  • Cyber security and privacy considerations
  • Healthcare plan considerations

Download Our Comprehensive Return to Work Site Toolkit