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Return to Work Site: Workplace Safety and Workforce Planning Considerations

Understand cleaning vs disinfection plans, prevention plans, travel policies, high-risk staff and members, and workforce gaps. View the recording of our Workplace Safety and Workforce Planning Considerations webinar to understand the following:

Cleaning and disinfection plan:

  • Develop cleaning guidelines for all locations following CDC guidance with EPA approved products
    • Identify responsible parties and ensure proper cleaning
    • Identify protocols for high traffic areas
    • Pay attention to reception, frequently touched areas, shared equipment and amenities, and individual workspaces
    • Determine if this will impact operations
  • Be aware of guidelines for standard daily cleaning versus when a new COVID-19 exposure occurs

Prevention plan:

  • Personal hygiene
  • Social distancing
  • Face coverings
  • Meeting protocols
    • Staff and visitors

Travel policy:

  • Essential vs non-essential
  • Requirements before/after travel
  • Hot spots and community spread

View the Webinar Recording

Our Return to Work Site Toolkit addresses:

  • Legislative and clinical considerations
  • Operational considerations
  • Workplace safety and workforce planning considerations
  • Paid leave and absence management
  • Employee benefit and workforce considerations
  • Retirement plan considerations
  • Business continuity and property/casualty insurance considerations
  • Cyber security and privacy considerations
  • Healthcare plan considerations

Download Our Comprehensive Return to Work Site Toolkit