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InterLutions’ Collaborative Employee Benefits Program, I-Care, Experiences Record Growth in 2019

MILWAUKEE, WI – January 22, 2020 – Credit unions are teaming up to lower healthcare expenses and enhance benefits offerings, according to a CUSO specializing in collaborative employee benefit solutions. InterLutions’ I-Care Employee Benefits program grew at a record pace in 2019, by partnering with 18 new credit unions across the country, nearly doubling the overall pool of insured employees under the I-Care program.

Jesse Kohl

Jesse Kohl, President of InterLutions, recently announced the growth of its hallmark solution, I-Care, and the successful launch of their Association Health Plan.

A primary reason for the growth in new I-Care partners stemmed from the launch of an Association Health Plan (AHP). The CUSO built a collaborative solution, at the request of its credit union advisory council, to help credit unions deliver better benefits, at lower costs. The AHP launched with nearly 500 total insured credit union employees and delivered an average savings of 12% to its clients. In an environment where most employers are seeing 4% to 8% medical insurance increases annually, the opportunity for credit unions to experience a 12% reduction helps dramatically.

“We built an innovative model exclusively for credit unions where growth of insured lives in the I-Care pool is proving to deliver better benefits and lower costs for our clients,” said Jesse Kohl, President of InterLutions. “I-Care is not just helping the bottom line of credit unions; we’re helping them provide better benefits for their employees and family members.”

“The 10-year trajectory for healthcare costs is shocking,” Kohl added. “For many credit unions, the ability to offer top-quality employee benefits––when the cost of maintaining those benefits keeps rising at an alarming pace––has been a near impossible feat.”

Recognizing the need to tackle this challenge and find an innovative employee healthcare solution for credit unions nationwide, InterLutions launched I-Care in 2015. The CUSO’s unique and collaborative funding model was initially available for credit unions with 50 or more insured employees on their medical plan. The popularity and growth of I-Care has now enabled InterLutions to extend I-Care’s service offerings to smaller credit unions as well.

According to Kohl, “The mission of I-Care is to leverage the credit union industry’s collaborative spirit to better control healthcare costs and improve benefits. Providing quality healthcare plans to employees is the credit union way.”

Interested credit unions can watch I-Care informational and testimonial videos for more information.