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Plexcity and InterLutions Partner to Deliver Enhanced Employee Benefits to Credit Union Associations and Their Members

MILWAUKEE, WI – January 31, 2022 – InterLutions CUSO recently launched a partnership with California-based Plexcity to deliver its I-Care employee benefit solutions to current and future Plexcity clients. Plexcity and InterLutions have a similar mission of leveraging the credit union industry’s innovative and collaborative strengths to provide HR and employee benefit services to credit unions, leagues, corporates, and CUSOs across the country.  

InterLutions and Plexcity partner

“I-Care’s pooled healthcare solutions will put our clients on the best path when it comes to purchasing efficiencies and volume-based services,” said Tony Kitt, President of Plexcity in Glendora, CA. “Their suite of credit union focused solutions perfectly complements the HR services Plexcity currently delivers to its client base.”

The I-Care model pools the combined risk of the credit union employees they insure and leverages the collective buying power to reduce health insurance costs. The expense reductions, along with expanded healthcare claims data and consultative HR experts, have allowed credit unions to deliver more competitive and enhanced benefit plans to employees. The Plexcity and InterLutions partnership provides credit unions and credit union service providers with the flexibility to choose from a myriad of carrier networks, plan options, and funding models.

Jesse Kohl, President of InterLutions said, “Similar to our new partners at Plexcity, our CUSO was formed by listening to credit unions in an effort to understand their primary business challenges. I-Care was designed by credit unions and has a proven track record of success. Our clients are experiencing healthcare cost efficiencies they could not achieve previously on their own. We are truly thrilled about this partnership with Plexcity and their innovative client base, as it increases our ability to provide more credit unions with the improved benefits they need to retain and attract quality staff.”

The I-Care employee benefits solution works collaboratively with credit unions, a sector of the financial institutions industry that InterLutions data reports to be 23% healthier than other industries when comparing the cost of medical insurance claims made on a per employee, per year basis. Insurance carriers now recognize that credit union employees are some of the best individuals to insure, translating into expense reductions, and further allowing credit unions to offer more affordable healthcare solutions to their employees, while they themselves receive enhanced reporting, more detailed claims data, and access to HR experts normally reserved for larger companies.

“The mission of Plexcity is to deliver innovative association solutions, powered by collaboration. By partnering with InterLutions and delivering I-Care’s employee benefits, we have done just that,” Kitt said.

According to InterLutions, the I-Care community now delivers benefit solutions to nearly 10,000 individuals and offers HR departments support services via forums, conferences, workshops, and one-on-one consulting. InterLutions also hosts in-person and digital HR networking forums where credit union representatives can share insights into common benefit-management challenges.

“Whether credit unions are fully-insured, self-insured, or level funded, I-Care provides them with a one-of-a-kind collaborative employee benefits alternative that leverages data analytics, risk-management strategies, and marketplace experience to formulate solutions that put credit unions on the leading edge of delivering superior employee benefits,” Kohl said.

About Plexcity
Plexcity provides unparalleled strategic advantages through shared collaboration, allowing its clients to improve efficiency, cut costs, and deliver unsurpassed value with our core back-office support solutions. With a shared service environment, the clients core competencies can be optimized, as they benefit from shared expertise that is often out-of-reach to a stand-alone organization. For more information, please visit plexcity.org and follow us on LinkedIn.