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Vizo Financial and InterLutions Team up to Provide Superior Healthcare to Credit Union Employees

MILWAUKEE, Wis., – June 5, 2019 – A new alliance is born! InterLutions and Vizo Financial Corporate Credit Union have formed a strategic partnership to provide credit unions and their employees access to I-Care, an innovative employee benefit solution that reduces costs, increases health plan flexibility, and enhances benefits. The relationship will bring the revolutionary healthcare alternative to qualifying members of Vizo Financial.

InterLutions and Vizo Financial Corporate Credit Union logos under the I-Care logo

InterLutions and Vizo Financial Corporate Credit Union team up to offer I-Care.

“We understand the challenges our members are up against in the healthcare space, so we couldn’t be more excited to deliver a unique and competitive solution that helps change the course of rising employee benefit costs,” said Rodney May, Chief Engagement Officer at Vizo Financial. “Since InterLutions’ innovative offerings and superior service levels align with Vizo Financial’s own values and mission, we expect this partnership to bring immediate value to our members.”

The collaborative initiative pools risk and leverages credit union buying power to reduce health insurance costs. The expense reductions, along with big data analytics and consultative HR experts, have allowed credit unions to offer more competitive, enhanced benefit plans. Partnership with I-Care also gives credit unions the flexibility to choose from multiple networks, while allowing individual determination of plan design and structure to meet staff needs.

“Designed by credit unions for credit unions, I-Care has a proven track record of success. Our current participants are experiencing healthcare cost efficiencies they couldn’t achieve previously. Those cost reductions and efficiencies have allowed HR departments to offer better benefit packages at a lower cost to their employees,” said Jesse Kohl, President of InterLutions. “We are thrilled about our partnership with Vizo Financial, as it will allow more credit unions to compete on the healthcare stage, giving them the edge in attracting and retaining quality staff.”

Since its inception in 2015, the growing I-Care community now supplies benefit solutions to over 5,000 people nationwide. In addition to providing those solutions, I-Care offers HR departments healthcare support services via forums, conferences, workshops, and one-on-one consulting. The CUSO also hosts in-person and digital HR networking forums, where credit union representatives can share insights to common benefit-management challenges.

“Whether credit unions are fully-insured or self-insured, I-Care provides them a one-of-a-kind healthcare alternative that uses big data analytics, risk-management strategies, and marketplace experience to formulate solutions that put credit unions on the leading edge of superior healthcare delivery,” Kohl said.

“Vizo Financial has had a wonderful experience with InterLutions and the I-Care program for our own internal use, so we’re confident that our members will be able to do the same. We encourage credit unions to take advantage of the cost savings and build a better benefits program for their staff, which is of the utmost importance to their success as an organization,” said Janice Appleby, Chief Human Resources Officer at Vizo Financial.

For more information on InterLutions and the I-Care program, visit InterLutionsCUSO.com. To learn more about Vizo Financial, visit vfccu.org.

About Vizo Financial Corporate Credit Union
Vizo Financial Corporate Credit Union’s goal is to drive credit union success through proven EXCELLENCE, unmatched EXPERTISE and engaged PARTNERSHIPS. It is a state-chartered corporate credit union that serves CUSOs, leagues, chapters and more than 1,200 credit unions in the U.S. and Canada. Vizo Financial provides money management, payments, technology, risk management and people development solutions. For more information, please visit vfccu.org.

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