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A Community of Employee Benefit Solutions for Credit Unions

Established through a credit union driven collaborative initiative, I-Care empowers credit unions to take control of their increasing healthcare challenges by providing affordable, competitive, and sustainable coverage for their employees. We partner with credit unions to deliver an innovative group program to reduce the volatility and expense of health insurance by pooling risk. This revolutionary solution provides credit unions with the flexibility to choose from multiple networks, while individually determining their plan design and structure to best meet the needs of their employees.

I-Care is becoming the credit union community’s go-to for benefits and wellness solutions. We provide resources to:

  • Properly evaluate and benchmark the performance of your employee benefits program
  • Network and share intelligence with a nation-wide community of credit union HR specialists
  • Enhance benefits and wellness programs to better fit your credit union’s culture
  • Drive down healthcare costs making it easier to attract and retain talented employees
  • Make proactive and seamless wellness adjustments
  • Create flexible and competitive plan designs through a selection of multiple networks
  • Predict behaviors and make long-term strategic decisions
  • Reduce claims and monitor performance through enhanced data and peer analysis

Why Join the I-Care Community?

  1. Experts. Leverage the expertise of our I-Care team’s actuaries, pharmaceutical specialists, medical doctors, HR professionals, benefits and wellness experts, strategic employee-benefits consultants, and more.
  2. Network. Join a network of your peers through our HR forums, conferences, educational webinars, and strategic workshops. A Network specific to credit unions focusing on healthcare trends, changes, and best practices.
  3. Cooperative. Stop overpaying for insurance and join a true cooperative healthcare solution that allows credit unions to retain profits during years with favorable claims.
  4. Control Your Destiny. Lowering cost, reducing risk, and collaborating with peers allows YOU to take back control of YOUR healthcare solutions by developing long-term strategies that benefit YOU, not the insurance markets.

Need a partner who can change the game of healthcare?  Belong to the I-Care Community!

As our existing participants have said, "When it comes to I-Care...It Just Makes Sense!"

A CUSO offering competitive and flexible credit union employee benefit solutions has finally arrived!

The I-Care Community offers a variety of consulting services and funding solutions designed to reduce risk, lower costs, and enhance your credit union's employee benefits. 

CEOs love our ability to reduce the risk of funding claims, CFOs love the cost-saving potential, HR teams love the enhanced consulting services, and your board will love the ability to attract and retain talented employees through competitive employee benefits.

Here at InterLutions, we're BIG fans of BIG data! 

Enhanced data & analytics equips credit unions to make informed, long-term, strategic decisions.  Managing your employees medical claims is an enormous challenge, especially with the limited claims data many credit unions receive. 

Our team of actuarial experts and benefits & claims management specialists, along with our HR service departments dedicated to bringing forth enhanced data & analytics can give you the information (i.e. BIG DATA) you need to manage your employees claims and put together long-term strategic initiatives to reduce your healthcare costs.

How do you get better data, analytics and resources with I-Care?  Through collaboration.

We partner with some of the largest brokers, consultants, networks, and carriers in the world, giving you access to better data, and industry-expert resources to build effective strategies around the data.

My HR Department's Best Friend

We truly believe that the credit union movement will continue to advance, and we do this best through collaboration. 

Our CUSO and the I-Care solution was born through collaboration, and its our collaborative nature that makes us unique.  We were formed by a credit union advisory committee, which helped us create an array of solutions and business partners designed to provide credit unions with the options and flexibility they need.  We are not a one-size-fits-all solution, and we allow credit unions to maintain their preferred networks, plan designs, and strategies. 

We've been called "my HR department's best friend" because we collaborate with our members and partner with industry-leading providers to enhnace the benefits credit unions deliver to their employees.

Buy Less Insurance at Lower Costs

We'll help you explore everything from Fully-Funded and Self-Funded options, to our unique and collaborative Group Self-Funded solution created through an insurance captive managed by our I-Care participants.  This innovative and one-of-a-kind funding solution adds a layer of protection for credit unions interested in moving toward a self-funded program.  

We understand that when purchasing insurance, you typically get back 65 to 70 cents for every dollar spent - not the best investment!  I-Care built a model that helps credit unions buy less insurance at lower costs.

Take advantage of the true credit union cooperative spirit by collaborating with your peers and changing the game of healthcare. 

Reduce costs, lower risk, and enhance your employee benefits by joining the I-Care Community.

Contact Us to learn more about our innovative funding solutions.

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