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Lower Your Healthcare Costs By 12%

Our CUSO is launching a new and exclusive Credit Union Insurance Captive. Our collaborative healthcare models have proven to enhance credit union’s employee benefit packages and reduce their medical insurance costs by an average of 12%. Our new captive for small and medium-sized credit unions (CUs with 15-500 employees) is launching in the 4th quarter of 2021. Request a captive evaluation below.

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A New and Exclusive Credit Union Insurance Captive

  • Buy less insurance through a more efficient model
  • Purchase insurance more competitively with a larger pool of credit unions
  • Participate in rebates and surpluses each year

Self-funding is a common and more efficient funding strategy employers use to purchase less insurance by paying for a percentage of their employees’ lower-cost medical claims out of their own pocket. An insurance captive is essentially a group of employers forming their own insurance company to fund their employees’ higher-cost medical claims. These models provide employers with enhanced claims data to better understand what’s driving their medical insurance expenses so they can implement specific strategies to help the employees that need it the most.

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A Collaborative Employee Healthcare Solution That Lets You:

  • Give employees the benefits they deserve
  • Provide benefits that attract and retain top-quality employees
  • Lower healthcare costs for your employees and your credit union

Formed by credit unions, for credit unions, I-Care is a collaborative employee healthcare solution that allows you to provide better benefits at lower costs. When you become an I-Care credit union, your employees become part of a larger pool of credit union healthcare users. That pooling with other credit union employees helps reduce claim risk and volatility of premiums. It lowers costs for your employees and your credit union. Those lower costs allow you to give your staff the benefits they deserve.

For additional information on the I-Care program, call (414) 433-0174 or email innovation@InterLutionsCUSO.com.