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Fidelity Bonds and Plastic Cards

Developing an in-depth understanding of our members risk exposures and insurance requirements is fundamental to our approach, and our teams are central to this process. It is through this that we are best positioned to deliver a cost efficient insurance structure that is both fit for purpose and delivers risk-appropriate coverage.

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Property and Casualty Insurance

P&C Insurance varies considerably, depending on your risk profile and business footprint. The inSure: Risk Solutions specialists will work closely with you to create a custom solution that delivers optimum value.

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Directors and Officers Insurance

A directors and officers (D&O) liability insurance policy offers individuals and the company protection from negligent wrongful acts. D&O insurance is intended to provide coverage for directors, officers and other insureds - including the company itself in certain circumstances - for liability that arises out of their leadership roles.

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Cybersecurity Liability Insurance

Cybersecurity isn’t owned by IT alone anymore. It is an enterprise-wide challenge, and solving it starts in the board room. As your trusted advisor, InterLutions' inSure team understands this shift and will help you address the cybersecurity challenge.

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General Liability and Umbrella Insurance

Our business risk experts identify the issues that may affect your credit union's financial performance, brand, and culture. Then we come up with solutions.

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Workers' Compensation

Empower your workforce to achieve your company’s goals. Get the most from your employees. Keep your labor costs competitive in the marketplace. Our workers’ compensation experts design insurance programs that reduce costs, and we analyze your loss data to identify the causes that can be most efficiently eliminated.

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Professional and Lenders Liability Insurance

Providers of professional services can find themselves in disputes with their clients and others claiming damages allegedly caused by their services’ failure to meet their expectations or the legal standard of care. Even when these claims have little or no merit, professional firms must pay for a defense against such allegations, and may even find that a settlement is preferable to the uncertainty and expense of protracted litigation. 

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