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Educational Risk Review

Through inSure: Risk Solutions, members will receive a thorough and objective risk review of their bond and insurance programs.

Most insurance policies have hundreds of pages of exclusions and limitations. It's our goal to comb through your policies and help you create customized insurance solutions to properly protect your unique credit union. In doing so, we typically find 30-40 areas that can be either negotiated out or modified to better protect your credit union. Many of these findings can also lead to cost savings for the credit union.

Our goal is to find ways to protect your credit union and lower your costs. Call us for a free evaluation!

Competitive & Flexible Solutions

The InterLutions team will help you creatively analyze and develop structures that align with your credit union’s needs and risk tolerance, allowing you to customize the right plan for your credit union.

We often find many credit unions over-insure or under-insure some of their most expensive and important plans, leaving your company at risk.

With access to world-wide resources and industry-experts, our options, terms and pricing will give you the best possible rate for the coverage you need.

Industry Experts

Experienced insurance experts act as your credit union’s risk advisor and advocate giving you assurance that you have the best possible coverage in place.

InterLutions partners with the largest privately-held insurance broker in the world, with over 6,000 associates and a specific credit union practice working for you.

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