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I-Care Health Plan

A Collaborative Employee Healthcare Solution that offers:

  • Several plan designs and options at competitive rates
  • A nationwide network of doctors and pharmacies for complete coverage
  • An experienced, trusted team specializing in credit union health insurance

Small employers continue to pay more for health insurance while insurance carriers continue to profit. Big insurance companies struggle to scale down and deliver competitive plans for small credit unions; while small insurance brokers often deliver un-tailored and high-cost products that do not fit the needs of small employers.

To change the course of our employee benefits and medical insurance spending, we need to do something different and better. That's why InterLutions launched the I-Care Health Plan, a comprehensive employee benefits solution exclusively for small credit unions. Through our I-Care Health Plan, your employees can now qualify for better benefits at lower rates. Our innovative group solution offers:

  • Unlimited major medical coverage for groups of all sizes
  • An exclusive health care solution built for small credit unions, their employees, members and dependents
  • Multiple plan designs and competitive price points making it easy to find the right fit
  • Established benefit plans that meet the minimal essential coverage as mandated by the Affordable Care Act
  • Trusted and licensed advisors ready to provide expertise before and after you’ve chosen your plan

If you would like to speak with our licensed agent, please contact Ken using the information below.