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Credit Union Stories

I-Care Stories

The collaborative I-Care program and the level of support their team delivers has exceeded my expectations. From compliance, reporting, and analytics to human resources and HR technology consulting, the I-Care program provides a robust menu of services that will be tremendous asset to Vizo Financial now and into the future.

Vizo Financial Corporate Credit Union logo

  Janice Appleby, Chief Human Resources Officer
  $6 billion Vizo Financial Corporate Credit Union

It makes sense for credit unions to consider I-Care beacuse we're all joining the same team, working toward the same goal.  I-Care gives us the opportunity to give our employees what they deserve.

  Melissa Doebert, Human Resources Director
  $450 million Kohler Credit Union

Flexibility of plan design, along with the potential for significant cost savings and future wellness programs, made I-Care the best employee healthcare option for us.  It works in both our employees' best interests and Fox's best interest.

  Terri Green, AVP of Human Resources
  $1.8 billion Fox Communities Credit Union

It is of utmost imprtance that we make the right decisions regarding our associates' healthcare.  I-Care was a great option for us.

  Jodi Greenmeier, Human Resources Vice President
  $4.8 billion Landmark Credit Union

Moving to I-Care was transparent to our employees, seamless to HR, and reduced our health insurance fixed costs by over 25% compared to our former long-term provider.  In working with I-Care, we maintained total control over our plan design and were able to utilize the providers and networks we wanted.


  David Powers, Chief Financial Officer
  $4.8 billion Landmark Credit Union

With I-Care, we have really simplified the process of managing our healthcare benefits. The partnership that we have developed with the I-Care team is exceptional. They are very resourceful, accessible, and played a vital role in making our transition a smooth one.

Co-op Credit Union logo

  Michele Steien, Vice President Human Resources
  $377 million Co-op Credit Union

By partnering with I-Care and other credit unions in the program, we are able to pool some of our risk and smooth out the financial impacts from year to year.  We were also able to customize the program to fit our needs.

  John Ehmann, former Chief Financial Officer (now retired)
  $450 million Kohler Credit Union

Collaborating with other credit unions to negotiate more cost-effective healthcare just makes sense. With I-Care we reduce healthcare costs, reduce the volatility of premiums, and reduce risk.


Greg Hilbert  Greg Hilbert, former President/CEO (now retired)
  $1.8 billion Fox Communities Credit Union

I-Care allowed us to control the cost of our healthcare without disrupting the lives of employees. The transition was seamless, our costs are in line with what we projected, and the service has been great.

  Peter Stein, former SVP-Human Resources (now retired)
  $2.3 billion Educators Credit Union

CU-Save Stories

CU-Save helped our credit union negotiate contracts for our plastic cards and we were very happy with the results. They were very professional to work with, little work was required on our part, and they helped find places to improve our bottom line. We will definitely utilize them for future contract negotiations.

  Lisa Gilligan, CEO
  $120 million N.E.W. Credit Union

I can trust that nothing will fall through the cracks - their track record for following through with the
plan, both on time and on the money is unquestionable. Educators Credit Union fully intends to use this solution going forward to review other areas.

  Kurt Johnson, CFO 
  $2.3 billion Educators Credit Union

Oakdale Credit Union has been very happy with the CU-Save Program, their expertise on the card branding and processing has helped us negotiate incentives, that were not presented originally. They have also helped us set up a schedule to discuss future savings when it comes to renewed or new contracts with our partners. Credit Unions not using them for contract assistance could be losing out on substantial savings!

Oakdale logo  Colleen Woggon, President & CEO
  $75 million Oakdale Credit Union