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Proprietary Benchmarking

The goal for the team at CU-Save is to help credit unions maximize bottom line performance by reducing expenses and enhancing revenue through our proprietary benchmarking solutions. Your designated team of industry-experts will utilize our benchmarking software, along with our vast contract negotiation and pricing experience to take the work load off your shoulders, saving you a significant amount of time and money!

Paid on Performance Strategy

We put our money where our mouth is! If we don’t deliver measurable bottom line results, we don’t get paid. Our goal is to make it easy for you to increase profitability. We take the risk and we do much of the work – requiring very little time or trouble on your part. If you would like to see how CU-Save can benefit your bottom line, call us. Better yet, call one of our credit union members.

Independent Methodology

CU-Save brings an industry-leading combination of objectivity, industry experience, customization and a singularly robust pricing knowledge base to contract negotiations. While we are adept at gaining measurable savings and revenue gains for our credit union members, we make it a priority to maintain excellent relationships with valued vendors. We recognize that your vendors and partners are your lifeblood.