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What Your Peers are Saying About CU-Save

"Oakdale Credit Union has been very happy with the CU-Save Program, their expertise on the card branding and processing has helped us negotiate incentives, that were not presented originally. They have also helped us set up a schedule to discuss future savings when it comes to renewed or new contracts with our partners. Credit Unions not using them for contract assistance could be losing out on substantial savings!"

— Colleen Woggon, President & CEO of Oakdale Credit Union

"I can trust that nothing will fall through the cracks - their track record for following through with the plan, both on time and on the money is unquestionable. Educators Credit Union fully intends to use this solution going forward to review other areas."

— Kurt Johnson, CRO of Educators Credit Union

"CU-Save helped our credit union negotiate contracts for our plastic cards and we were very happy with the results. They were very professional to work with, little work was required on our part, and they helped find places to improve our bottom line. We will definitely utilize them for future contract negotiations."

— Lisa Gilligan, CEO of N.E.W. Credit Union