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How a CUSO is Solving the Healthcare Crisis, One Credit Union at a Time

Offering robust and competitive benefits to our employees is paramount to the success of the credit union movement, but at what cost? There seem to be more questions than answers to this ongoing problem.

Leveraging Collaboration, Data, and Technology to Drive Down Healthcare Costs

How can credit unions continue delivering robust and competitive employee benefits when the trajectory of healthcare costs is rising at such a steep pace? Here are three tips to help get us in the right direction. Collaboration. Data. Technology.

Optimal Models to Fund Your Employee Benefits: The Pros & Cons of Five Options

Purchasing health insurance for employees varies significantly based on a credit union’s size and risk appetite. This white paper identifies five different funding models credit unions should consider and outlines the pros and cons of each.

Why Association Health Plans Work for Credit Unions

Medical insurance costs are expected to more than double over the next eight to ten years. To change the course of healthcare costs and flatten that ascending cost curve, credit unions need to do something different and game changing.

Insurance Captives: Are They Right for Your Credit Union?

A stop-loss captive is a risk management practice that has long been used to manage costs and reduce employee benefit expenses. Credit unions are beginning to consider whether an insurance captive is an appropriate risk management tool for their medical plans.

Why Telemedicine and Telehealth Are Here to Stay

Telehealth options significantly increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. Convenience and cost-savings are two key reasons why telehealth will be a permanent fixture of our new normal.

Breaking Down Health Insurance Terms

InterLutions created an infographic breaking down common health insurance terms.

Employee Wellness: 10 Challenges to Engage Your Workforce

In the constant battle with turnover and employee disengagement, employee health and loyalty are valuable resources. Luckily, this asset can be earned and improved through wellness initiatives. Employees who felt their employer-provided benefits positively affected their lives were 40% more likely to say they were loyal to their company.

Help Your Employees Distinguish Between FSAs, HRAs, and HSAs

Although human resources professionals are very familiar with these accounts, some employees may not understand how to distinguish between flexible spending accounts, health reimbusement arrangements, and health savings accounts. InterLutions created a convenient infograph to show the key differences between these.

Tele-Healthcare: The differences between telehealth, telecare, and telemedicine

Remote healthcare services have grown significantly over recent years, bringing technology and healthcare closer together. Terms like telehealth, telecare, and telemedicine are being used more frequently. The question is, what are the differences between these terms?

How Credit Unions Can Combat the Rising Costs of Healthcare

Healthcare costs are rising because of the pandemic. What can credit unions do today to help keep their costs down?