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Administration and HR Support

The I-Care Community is a nationwide network of professionals collaborating to support and enhance the human resources departments at their credit unions. As your healthcare partner, InterLutions offers benefits management, claims management, benchmarking solutions, data and analytics, employee communication tools, and an array of unique funding options to help serve your credit union employees.

The Benefits of Benefits

Although credit unions typically offer more competitive benefits than their financial services peers, getting staff to understand why your credit union’s benefits package is more robust than your competitors’ can be a challenge. Attract and retain talented employees by using I-Care's Credit Union Benefits Value Calculator. Human resources personnel can use this tool to provide a comprehensive overview of their employee benefits program and to promote the often-overlooked monetary value of employer-sponsored benefits.

Benchmarking Solutions

I-Care offers peer-to-peer analysis to help your credit union’s human resources team properly evaluate the performance of your employee benefits programs. Through better claims information and enhanced healthcare data, your credit union can get the specific data you need to stay competitive.

Data and Analytics

Data makes all the difference when it comes to measuring the health of your employees. Through our InfoLock® Employee Benefits Platform, a tool gathering millions of healthcare claims data, InterLutions can help identify exactly what risks you are facing in your employee population. Additionally, our team has access to pharmacy analytics to better assist you in driving waste out of your pharmacy program. Thousands of credit union employees are now insured under I-Care, and we are gaining insights as to why credit union employees present a better overall risk to insurance carriers. We are also leveraging this data to negotiate lower insurance rates for our clients. These are just a few examples of the many ways we use better data and enhanced resources to deliver effective strategies that help your employees and drive down costs.

Claims Management

I-Care's claims management team helps your credit union:

  • Understand trends and patterns within your specific region
  • Enhance your mitigation strategies and identify issues earlier
  • Receive assistance and advocacy for difficult claims

Compliance Services

Complying with state and federal employee benefits regulations can seem daunting. Fortunately, I-Care helps credit unions keep up with the complexities of the rules, and the risks and consequences of noncompliance. I-Care provides your credit union with valuable, prompt, and matter-of-fact compliance assistance through direct contact with our compliance attorneys, educational publications, email communications, webinars, and HR forums. Join us for one of our upcoming events.

Employee Communication: Customize and Communicate

Online or on paper, putting employee benefits information into the hands of employees is an important part of any benefits strategy. Employees can only appreciate benefits when they fully understand them. The I-Care team provides an array of options to communicate the benefits you work so hard to design and maintain, including customizable benefits statements, enrollment communications, and benefits communications.

Credit Union HR Solutions

Take advantage of our ThinkHR Solution, a cloud-based program offering a world of resources and training tools exclusively for members of the I-Care Community, including up-to-date support information and live experts available to assist with all your human resources needs. This information and guidance is free to I-Care participants and is aimed at helping resolve urgent workforce issues and to ensure human resources compliance. Additionally, you can join us online for human resources-related discussions in I-Care’s Digital HR Forum.

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