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Big Data

Here at InterLutions, we're BIG fans of BIG data! 

Enhanced data & analytics equips credit unions to make informed, long-term, strategic decisions. Managing your employees medical claims is an enormous challenge, especially with the limited claims data many credit unions receive. 

Our team of actuarial experts and benefits & claims management specialists, along with our HR service departments dedicated to bringing forth enhanced data & analytics can give you the information (i.e. BIG DATA) you need to manage your employee's claims and put together long-term strategic initiatives to reduce your healthcare costs.

Read our White Paper on Leveraging Collaboration, Data, and Technology

How do you get better data, analytics and resources with I-Care? Through collaboration.

We partner with some of the largest brokers, consultants, networks, and carriers in the world, giving you access to better data, and industry-expert resources to build effective strategies around the data.