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The I-Care Community

Administration & HR Support

The I-Care Community is a nationwide network of professionals collaborating to support and enhance your credit union's human resource department. Take advantage of our ThinkHR Solution, a cloud-based program offering a world of resources and training tools exclusively for members of the I-Care Community, including up-to-date support information and live experts available to assist in all of your HR dilemmas.

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Association Health Plan (AHP)

AHPs expand access to affordable health coverage, especially for employees of small credit unions. These plans make it easier for small employers to band together to offer lower cost "large company" health insurance.

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Benchmarking Solutions

Finally! A CUSO partner offering credit union specific data and peer-to-peer analysis. Through I-Care, your HR team can properly evaluate the performance of your employee benefits programs through better claims information and enhanced healthcare data.

Benefits Management

What if your credit union had the proper tools to show your employees the value of your benefits programs? Attract and retain talented employees by using our CU Benefits Value Calculator. We cleverly call it the "Benefits of Benefits"

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Claims Management

Along with offering your credit union the necessary enhanced claims data & analytics, I-Care offers our members a team of experts in our Claims Management department to help you understand trends and patterns within your specific region.

We provide the important tools to offer early identification of issues along with mitigation strategies. Assistance and advocacy with difficult claims is an invaluable resource for your human resource department.

Compliance Services

Complying with state and federal employee benefits regulations can be daunting. That’s where the I-Care Team comes in. We are here to help credit unions keep up with the rules' complexities - and the risks and consequences of noncompliance.

We will provide you with valuable, prompt and matter-of-fact compliance assistance through direct contact with our compliance attorneys, educational publications, email alerts, webinars, seminars, and more.

Data & Analytics

Data is the difference when it comes to measuring your employees' health. With our unique InfoLock® Employee Benefits Solutions, we can help you identify exactly what risks you are facing in your employee population. We also use pharmacy analytics to assist you in driving the waste out of your pharmacy program. These are just a few examples of the many ways we use better data and enhanced resources to deliver effective strategies that help your employees and drive down costs.

Employee Communication

Online or on paper, putting employee benefits information into the hands of employees is an important part of any benefits strategy. Employees can only appreciate benefits when they fully understand them. The I-Care Team gives you an array of options to communicate the benefits you work so hard to design and maintain, including customizable benefits statements, enrollment communications, and benefits communications.

Employee Health

Many factors can affect your employees’ ability to perform at their peak, which in turn can affect your organization’s bottom line. To address these challenges, you need an experienced partner to help you create a comprehensive, effective program that addresses every aspect of employee health and well-being. Solution... the I-Care Community of Employee Benefit Solutions!

Pharmaceutical Services

We have extensive experience with pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and nutraceutical manufacturers and distributors. Our team can help you anticipate risk issues and navigate through your exposures. Then we’ll design custom insurance solutions for you, leveraging our relationships with specialty insurers worldwide.

Wellness Strategies

Led by a strong desire to improve the health of our credit union partners and manage healthcare costs, I-Care offers a program that rewards credit unions for earning engaged status, based on their verified activities and healthy habits. Best of all, it’s working! We can provide you with examples of success stories and collaborate toward an effective and realistic wellness program.

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