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The I-Care Community

Administration & HR Support

The I-Care Community is a nationwide network of professionals collaborating to support and enhance the human resources departments at their credit unions. As your healthcare partner, InterLutions offers benefits management, claims management, benchmarking solutions, data and analytics, employee communication tools, and an array of unique funding options to help serve your credit union employees.

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Association Health Plan (AHP)

Association Health Plans (AHPs) expand access to affordable health coverage, especially for employees of small organizations. These collaborative plans make it easier for small employers to band together to offer lower cost, "large company," health insurance.

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Employee Services

Many factors can affect your employees’ ability to perform at their peak, which in turn can affect your organization’s bottom line. To address these challenges, you need an experienced partner to help you create a comprehensive, effective program that addresses every aspect of employee health and well-being. I-Care offers employee health services, pharmaceutical services, and wellness strategies to help serve your credit union’s employees.

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I-Care Captive

The I-Care captive is an exclusive group of large credit unions banding together to purchase insurance more efficiently. Throughout the last five years credit unions under the I-Care captive have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars while reducing the risk of traditional fully-insured or self-insured funding models. Pooling together with a group of peers also reduces the volatility of those “blow up” years. Stop-loss insurance costs are also lowered when credit unions have the negotiating power of a larger group. The I-Care captive is a win-win for credit unions.

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