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What is CU-Save?

CU-Save is here to help credit unions maximize their bottom line performance. Our team will conduct a review of your credit union's vendor contracts at no charge to determine if opportunities for efficiencies, cost reduction or revenue enhancement exist.

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The goal for the team at CU-Save is to help credit unions maximize bottom line performance by reducing expenses and enhancing revenue through our proprietary benchmarking solutions. We take the risk and we do much of the work – requiring very little time or trouble on your part. CU-Save brings an industry-leading combination of objectivity, industry experience, customization and a singularly robust pricing knowledge base to contract negotiations.

Review the Steps Taken to Develop CU-Save


Card processing complexity and cost is a growing concern for so many credit unions, and our Adivsory Council knew that through collaboration and innovation we could provide relief to credit unions in the form of cost reduction, revenue enhancement and enhanced education. With that in mind, CU-Save was born!

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