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Employee Services

Many factors can affect your employees’ ability to perform at their peak, which in turn can affect your organization’s bottom line. To address these challenges, you need an experienced partner to help you create a comprehensive, effective program that addresses every aspect of employee health and well-being. I-Care offers employee health services, pharmaceutical services, telehealth options, and wellness strategies to help serve your credit union’s employees.

Pharmaceutical Services

I-Care offers extensive experience with pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and nutraceutical manufacturers and distributors. Our team can help you anticipate risk issues and navigate through your exposures. I-Care helps you design custom insurance solutions, leveraging our relationships with specialty insurers worldwide.

Telehealth Options

I-Care partners with telehealth solutions to bring your credit union employees flexible, remote healthcare options. 

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Wellness Strategies

Led by a strong desire to improve the health of our credit union partners and manage healthcare costs, I-Care offers a program that rewards credit unions for earning engaged status, based on their verified activities and healthy habits. Best of all, it is working! We can provide examples of success stories and collaborate toward an effective and realistic wellness program.