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I-Care History

Advisory Council

I-Care: Created by Credit Unions and for Credit Unions

InterLutions is a CUSO created by a Credit Union Advisory Council and wholly-owned by Corporate Central Credit Union. Our Advisory Council is made up of 20 large credit union executives and meets semi-annually to discuss challenges, opportunities, and solutions to help credit unions successfully compete and grow.

Healthcare costs and employee benefits were a growing concern for so many credit unions, and the Adivsory Council knew that through collaboration and innovation, we could change the game of healthcare.

With that in mind, I-Care was born! Our Advisory Council helped create our flexible funding options, including the unique group self-funded platform, and shaped the competitive employee benefit solutions offered through I-Care.

Credit Union Partners

InterLutions partners with credit union specialists across the country to deliver best-in-class resources for our members.  Our brokerage partner is the word's largest privately-held insurance broker with over 6,000 associates, providing enhanced benefit solutions for credit unions that typically are only available to Fortune 500 companies.

InterLutions and I-Care also partner with industry-leading stop-loss providers and multiple insurance networks giving credit unions the options and flexibility required to create competitive benefit packages that will attract and retain talented employees.

I-Care Then and Now

InterLutions was created in 2015, with a drive to offer innovative business solutions for credit unions. I-Care successfully launched in 2016 with nearly 1,000 credit union employees enrolled in our unique platform. 

The solution proved to be a success, by lowering cost, reducing risk, and enhancing service through better data and management. The I-Care Community now has over 4,000 total lives insured through the program.

As the program continues to grow, the unique collaborative solutions will continue to get better by providing greater scale, reduced risk, lower costs, and enhanced data for credit union participants.

The words, 'it just makes sense.'