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What Your Peers are Saying About I-Care

Fox Communities Credit Union

"Flexibility of plan design, along with the potential for significant cost savings and future wellness programs, made I-Care the best employee healthcare option for us. It works in both our employees' best interests and Fox's best interest."

— Terri Green, AVP of Human Resources at Fox Communities Credit Union

Kohler Credit Union

"It makes sense for credit unions to consider I-Care because we're all joining the same team, working toward the same goal. I-Care gives us the opportunity to give our employees what they deserve."

— Melissa Doebert, Human Resources Director at Kohler Credit Union

Landmark Credit Union

"Moving to I-Care was transparent to our employees, seamless to HR, and reduced our health insurance fixed costs by over 25% compared to our former long-term provider. In working with I-Care, we maintained total control over our plan design and were able to utilize the providers and networks we wanted."

— David Powers, Chief Financial Officer at Landmark Credit Union

"It is of utmost importance that we make the right decisions regarding our associates' healthcare. I-Care was a great option for us."

— Jodi Greenmeier, Human Resources Vice President at Landmark Credit Union

Verve, a Credit Union

"I-Care has helped us to reduce the risk associated with offering health insurance."

— Sarah Fecht, former VP of Talent Management at Verve, a Credit Union

I-Care Bloopers

Easier said than done. Or is it the other way around?

I-Care is a collaborative employee healthcare solution that allows credit unions to provide better benefits for their employees at lower costs. Current participants agree that when it comes to I-Care, it just makes sense for credit unions. Although making the switch to I-Care was easy, talking about it proved to be more difficult. Nonetheless, it is fun to watch!