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Our Story

On July 6, 2015, Corporate Central Credit Union announced the launch of InterLutions, LLC, a wholly-owned Credit Union Service Organization that would focus on providing innovative business solutions to advance the credit union industry and movement.

The first innovative business solution launched was I-Care, an employee benefits solution designed to tackle the risk and costs associated with health insurance. I-Care launched in 2016 and now "cares" for nearly 10,000 credit union employees and family members.

The next innovative business solution launched by the CUSO was CU-Save, a revenue enhancement solution for credit unions. In less than a few months of its launch in early 2017, 8 credit unions subscribed to the program and started realizing immediate and significant cost savings and revenue enhancement. Since our launch, CU-Save has helped 50 credit unions save a combined $10,000,000 through enhanced contract negotiations. 

At InterLutions, we don’t simply think outside the box, we remove the box altogether. We have a team of high-energy individuals who are passionate about advancing the credit union movement through innovation and collaboration.