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45 Credit Unions Show Care for Employees by Partnering with CUSO’s I-Care Health Plan

MILWAUKEE, WI – April 25, 2024 – InterLutions, an employee benefits CUSO, recently welcomed 45 credit unions to its “I-Care Family.” The innovative health plan solution, called I-Care, leverages data, technology, and collaboration to deliver competitive benefits to credit unions of any size or location. The CUSO launched an in-house insurance agency to work exclusively with smaller credit unions, and it is now the CUSO’s fastest growing product.

To facilitate industry-wide adoption and assist credit unions ahead of the upcoming renewal season, InterLutions is hosting a complimentary educational webinar on May 21 at 1:00 p.m. CT. This event will showcase success stories, demonstrating how credit unions are achieving significant savings while enhancing the quality of healthcare for their employees through collaborative health plan models.

Jesse Kohl, President of InterLutions, emphasized the critical role of data-driven strategies in addressing the challenges faced by small credit unions and their employees. "Small credit unions and their employees continue to pay more for health insurance while carriers profit. Through collaborative health plan models and leveraging claims data, our credit union clients are paying less while receiving comprehensive coverage."

A key advantage of the I-Care health plan lies in its enhanced underwriting strategies, resulting in more competitive premiums for credit union employees. The CUSO highlights medical claims reports demonstrating the overall healthiness of credit union populations, justifying lower premiums compared to other industries.

"We are excited to support credit unions in recruiting and retaining high-quality talent in this competitive labor market,” explained Ken Meyer, the CUSO’s Employee Benefits Executive. “Our tailored solutions empower credit unions to provide attractive benefits to employees, ensuring their sustained success."

The 45 credit unions joining the I-Care family represent diverse sizes, ranging from one to over 100 employees, and span across 20 states. With plan renewals on the horizon, InterLutions invites all credit unions seeking to drive down health plan costs to explore better options and join the I-Care initiative.

“Working with InterLutions was one of the best decisions I made in transitioning from a very limited and expensive health plan to a cost effective, flexible plan that all of our employees enjoy.”

  • Mark Marczak, President/CEO of Iron County Community Credit Union

“Healthcare options are complicated and critical situations for any organization. I-Care provided us with easy-to-understand information that allowed me to make an educated and cost-effective decision that is in the best interest of my credit union. For us, InterLutions was an easy choice and I cannot thank them enough for our relationship.”

  • Joel Strozewski, President/CEO of Holy Family Memorial Credit Union

For more information about the I-Care health plan and to register for the upcoming webinar, please visit InterLutionsCUSO.com.