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    A Message from the President

    I am thrilled to extend a warm welcome to you as we embark on an exciting journey with our inaugural edition of "Collaboration Corner." As the President of InterLutions, I am proud to present this quarterly newsletter as a dedicated space where we can share industry insights, thought-provoking education, and strategic updates that shape the collaborative future we envision.

    Reflecting on the remarkable year that was 2023, we are pleased to announce record growth that would not have been possible without the trust and support of our valued clients. Your unwavering confidence has propelled us forward, and we express our heartfelt gratitude for being an integral part of our success.

    In this edition, we are excited to unveil our plans for the upcoming year, which revolve around delivering competitive health plans tailored not just for credit union employees, but also to credit union members and business accounts. Our commitment to enhancing the well-being of our community is a driving force, and we are dedicated to providing comprehensive health solutions that meet your unique needs.

    At the heart of our mission lies the initiative of collaboration. We firmly believe that through collaboration, we can achieve greater heights and foster innovation. This newsletter aims to serve as a platform for sharing knowledge, sparking meaningful discussions, and building connections within our community.

    As we embark on our collective journey to advance this important movement, we invite your valuable feedback and insights. Your input is crucial in shaping the future editions of Collaboration Corner, ensuring that it remains a valuable resource for all.

    Thank you once again for your continued partnership, and we look forward to the endeavors that lie ahead!

    Jesse Kohl

    The Benefits Buzz

    The best articles from 2023 to prepare us for the opportunities and challenges ahead.

    The Future of Employer-Sponsored Health Care: Strategic Responses and Cost Containment Opportunities
    For benefits professionals, administering employer sponsored health plans and providing employee participants with access to affordable, quality health care is one of the greatest economic challenges of today and the foreseeable future. Read more

    2023 Employer Health Benefits Survey
    The 25th Employer Health Benefits Survey (EHBS) reflects employer-sponsored health benefits in 2023. Read more

    Leveraging Collaboration, Data, and Technology to Drive Down Health Care Costs
    How can credit unions continue delivering robust and competitive employee benefits when the trajectory of health care costs is rising at such a steep pace? Read more

    Maximizing ROI with Employee Wellness Programs: Overview and Benefits
    Understanding the role of representative well-being programs, their goals, and the financial advantages they give to businesses. Read more

    The C-Suite’s Guide to Enhancing Employee Benefits and Reducing Costs
    Medical insurance costs are expected to continue rising at an alarming pace over the next ten years. The insurance carriers will continue to profit from the broken system and vicious trap. Read more

    The I-Care Difference

    Successful case studies reveal how four progressive credit unions leveraged data, technology, and collaboration to enhance their employee benefit plans.

    Case Study # 1: A credit union with 400 employees was facing year-over-year double-digit premium increases. By leveraging I-Care’s enhanced claims data, they lowered their pharmacy utilization expenses by over $430,000 with minimal provider and employee disruption.

    Case Study #2: A credit union with 1,000 employees had outgrown their insurance broker and looked to I-Care to put them on a long-term strategic path focused on employee growth, HR technology, network optimization, and claims analytics. The new strategic path saved the credit union over $900,000 in year one.

    Case Study #3: A credit union with 200 employees was experiencing rising high-cost claims activity and looked to I-Care’s collaborative insurance captive to mitigate their claims risk through proactive health management tools and cost containment measures. Lowering their healthcare claims costs allowed the credit union to reinvest in the well-being of their employees and improve overall productivity.

    Case Study #4: A credit union with 20 employees kept receiving high renewal rates from their long-term insurance carrier and broker. They were fed up with going through the same cycle every year – receiving high renewals late in the fourth quarter with little time to prepare for any positive or meaningful change. The I-Care benefits team proposed a new carrier and funding model to help the credit union develop a long-term benefits strategy focused on better usage of claims data and underwriting techniques.

    The InterLutions CUSO hosted a forum on January 23 to share these successful case studies. Interested credit unions can receive a copy of the forum’s slide deck or request a free copy of the CUSO’s “C-Suite Guide to Enhancing Benefits and Lowering Costs” white paper by contacting InterLutions at (414) 433-0174.

    Credit unions can also hear success stories directly from the CUSO’s clients by viewing testimonial videos at InterLutionsCUSO.com.

    Collaboration Corner

    Thank you to our valuable partners. We couldn’t do it without you!

    Partner Spotlight

    Thank you, Fort Community Credit Union!

    Get to Know Your CUSO Team

    What really goes on at I-Care? The hilarious blooper reel.
    Easier said than done, or is it the other way around?

    Meet Ken Meyer, Employee Benefits Executive.
    Ken is an avid sports and live music fan and attends several concert events throughout the year. He enjoys spending time with his family and caring for his mother. Rumor has it, Ken can hold a pretty good note while singing, but proclaims to only be an empty car singer!

    Here's a picture of Ken at Fort Community Credit Union helping the credit union promote its health plan solutions to their members and business community.

    If you’re interested in offering health plans to your members, please contact Ken.

    Contact Ken

    Resources and Updates from InterLutions

    Why 40 Small Credit Unions Chose a CUSO’s Health Plan | Webinar

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    A CUSO and an Association Collaborate to Deliver Competitive Health Plans to Business Members

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