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The Vicious Cycle of Health Insurance Renewals

Maybe it’s time we actually do something different?

If you’re still purchasing medical insurance the old way – meaning one year at a time with the same broker, carrier, and fully-insured model – you’re sailing straight into stormy weather as healthcare costs rise and catastrophic claims hit with greater frequency and severity.

The Vicous Cycle

Don’t fall into the 12-month trap and vicious cycle of fully-insured health plans. Change your course. Make self-insurance – without the risk and volatility – a reality with I-Care.

The Guiding Principles of I-Care:

  • Reduce the year-to-year volatility and risk of self-funding
  • Transition from the broken fully-insured plans
  • Provide tools to reduce the cost of healthcare
  • Deliver data to reveal hidden opportunities to reduce medical and pharmacy claims costs

Who is a "good fit" for I-Care?

  • Fully insured credit unions that are fed up with renewal increases with limited data
  • Self-funded credit unions that are tired of volatility
  • Credit unions with 20-1,000 employees
  • Credit unions looking for a solution to help control costs
  • Credit unions that require buy-in from both HR and the executive team
  • Credit unions that are open to working with a third-party administrator (TPA), not a major medical carrier
  • Organizations interested in using data to guide programming and reduce claims risk

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